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Shirley Asks, “Why Do You Only Serve Women”?

In today’s episode we have Shirley asking, “So Why Do You Only Service Women?”. We get asked this alot, so today we explain exactly why we’ve chosen this path and why we feel it’s our purpose and passion.

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Here is the conversation written out…

Wendy: Today we have Shirley. She had written in and she wants to know why do you guys only service women? So that is a great question and maybe you can kind of expound on why we decided to kind of go that route…

Tripp: Yes I would be glad to. Shirley, that is a question that we get probably multiple times a week I would imagine.

And I have been in this financial services, insurance, Medicare world for many many years now, of course as you know, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that the ladies market was by far more mistreated and the taken advantage of.

I don’t know if it is kind of like the car and mechanic thing; like I don’t really want you to go to a mechanic, I don’t want somebody trying to take advantage of you. It is just a weird dynamic there I think and I think a lot of male Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, there is no secret that is what makes up the industry. Most of the agents out there are men…

And so, I kind of started to champion that cause of working with women pretty much exclusively. Having said that, that doesn’t mean, Shirley, I don’t know if you are married or not, or anybody else watching this video of course, but I won’t turn away the husbands or that kind of thing, because I want to help everybody. But, all of my value and content and our strategies to get in front of our market is geared for the ladies..

Wendy: Yes, and in my opinion, just because I know you personally, you’re kind of you are a protector by nature; he’s always trying to protect me from things and that’s just, I think it is just in some men more than other men.

And I think that it is the same with your business, you have a desire to protect ladies and make sure, like you said, they are not taken advantage of and that is just strong in you, just like you are with me as my husband, you are the same with your lady clients.

Also I think, I have a feeling that a big reason that you help the ladies is because your mom, you lost her…gosh you lost her when…?

Tripp: It’s been twenty years…

Wendy: Twenty years ago, you were twenty six. And so in my opinion it is probably a big part of that, that deep down in your heart you feel like maybe you lost her at such a young age that you never really had a chance to make her proud of you and it is kind of maybe your way of keeping her alive and every lady that you help as a client. Maybe you feel like you’re kind of helping your mom and keeping her alive in your heart.

Tripp: Yeah I can see that. I was always, not a mama’s boy, but my mom stayed at home with me of course when my dad worked full time job to provide for us.

Wendy: Because they were older, his parents were much older than typical parents are, so they were…

Tripp: It is more common now to have children at say forty instead back then it was kind of a rare thing, more complications and all. But anyway, she never missed a game, never missed an event and I played every sport there was.

Yeah, maybe and you’ve always I found it kind of amusing, you’ve always said I have been in touch with my feminine side and had a way with the ladies, of course in a positive way…

Wendy: Absolutely.

Tripp: Maybe I am just more tenderhearted than the typical male.

Wendy: You are, I think your message just resonates with them more and maybe that just kind of, slowly over the years your clientele has kind of shifted to that on its own and then maybe you just kind of made the decision.

Tripp: You know it did, we started looking back at the numbers of all the people we have helped and I bet sixty, seventy percent were before we even started focusing, were ladies.

And now we have made that shift over the last couple of years to specifically ladies, but Shirley, if you are married I am not turning away your man; but again, everything that we do is really geared for the ladies market.

Wendy: Yes, definitely. And if you guys want to learn a little bit more about his story, we have a tab of his website called “My story”. It is kind of heart wrenching, kind of what you went through over the years, but it is neat to watch how God turned it for the good, everything he went through and  now you’re using it for positive things.

So check that out if you want to, or you can always check out his workshops. We host those a couple times a week if you’re needing some guidance on your Medicare decisions if it is that time for you.

So hopefully this helped you and kind of helped explain why is that we definitely market to the ladies and you are just the greatest…I think ladies are the greatest natural resource that we have been given here as a society. I’m not saying that to take credit personally, it’s just our role, we are strong….

Tripp: Well there is that phrase, “Behind every successful man is a successful woman” and that was the case in the house that I grew up in and it certainly is in our situation. So I respect to you ladies and appreciate you and that’s why I choose to serve you.

Wendy: Yes. So hopefully this answers your question Shirley and we will see you on the next video!



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