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Client Testimonials

“The ability to trust that who I’m sending my friends and family to will take good care of them means so much to me. Tripp not only has the knowledge to inform them, but a heart that cares about them.”

– Josie B, Greensboro NC

“I cannot begin to explain how gentle Mr. Jordan was with this little old lady. Being in my mid 70’s, I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying the “good guys” and sniffing out the “bad”. And I can tell you, Mr. Jordan is one of the good, that’s for sure. I’m a little hard of hearing, which can be frustrating for everyone involved. He was so patient with me and made me feel special, instead of a burden, like I have been made to feel in the past. You sir are a breath of fresh air.”   

– Ruth J., Smithfield NC

“Wow wow wow. You really shouldn’t have! A Starbucks card after attending our appointment, brownies for letting you help me select my plan, and now fresh flowers for referring my sister to you (who’s thrilled to be a new client by the way)! I have no words. I haven’t received such service or felt so valued by a business in decades!”

– Debra H., Charlotte NC

“Wow, I had no idea there were so many things to take into consideration when selecting my supplemental Medicare coverage. I had intended to learn it all on my own, and then happened to stumble across your trainings, and boy am I glad I did. What a life-saver and TIME-saver you’ve been for me!”

– Elizabeth H., Flat Rock NC

“What a wonderful conversation I had with you on our appointment Tripp. I forgot I was talking with a business professional, and thought I was talking to an old friend! The idea of a one-on-one appointment can sound intimidating because you don’t really know what to expect, but you were so easy to talk to it was a wonderful experience. And you helped me get onto a better plan to boot! It was a pleasure.”

– Margaret G., Asheville NC

“I enjoyed attending your workshop, but wasn’t sure if you could help me since I already had a Medicare Supplement policy in place. I was floored when you showed me, in black and white, the different rates by many different carriers, for the EXACT same plan I had.

Changing companies was so simple, and SO worth saving the $43/mo! I had no idea that carriers were allowed to overcharge like that!”

– Marie T., Cary NC

“The work shop that Mr. Jordan did for residents of Crescent Height was the best we have had! The Resident and my Team of managers were impressed!”

Jeff Ervin, Community Sales Leader

Crescent Heights, Concord NC

“I am writing in reference to Tripp Jordan and his wife, Wendy. We were thrilled to have them speak to the Residents of our community. The event was educational and informative, as well as fun!  In fact, it was probably one of the most positive and dynamic speaking events scheduled here in quite some time. We are very much looking  forward to their next visit later this year.”

Thank you,

Rhonda Fisher, Life Enrichment Director                      

Emeritus at Churchill Senior Living, Mooresville NC