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What Is The Difference Between Medicare Supplement Plan G and Plan F?

In Today’s Episode, Catherine is asking us to explain to her the differences between supplement plans F and G. There is one major difference that will be a huge deciding factor for you. Watch here to learn:

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How Much Does Part B Premiums Cost? Changes Taking Place

In Today’s Episode, Tammy is asking exactly how much Medicare Part B is going to cost her. Watch to find out the answer for 2017, and how it’s changing…

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What Do I Need To Know About Part D Prescription Drug Plans?

In today’s episode we have Deborah, she has written in and is asking “Tripp can you please tell me exactly what I need to know about prescription drug plans, the Part D?”.

Watch to learn the answer…

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Louise Asks, “How Can I Find My Local Medicare Office?”

In today’s episode, Louise asks us “How Can I Find My Local Medicare Office?”. The answer may surprise you. Watch here…

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In today’s episode, Jeannie asks, “What exactly is NC SHIPP?”. It’s actually a great, reputable resource. Watch to learn more…

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Medicare Supplement Plan G Deductible for Part B

In Today’s Episode, Ruth asks, “Are there going to be any changes in 2017?”

Watch to learn the changes that are taking place in 2017 for Medicare Part B’s deductible, which affects the Supplement Plan G.

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Shirley Asks, “Why Do You Only Serve Women”?

In today’s episode we have Shirley asking, “So Why Do You Only Service Women?”. We get asked this alot, so today we explain exactly why we’ve chosen this path and why we feel it’s our purpose and passion.
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How To Apply For Medicare In NC

In this episode, we answer Regina’s question: “How Do I Apply For Medicare In NC And How Do I Know What Plans I’m Eligible For?”

Watch to learn exactly what to do…

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How Will Trump’s Presidency Impact My Medicare Coverage

Great question! Watch to hear our commentary and discussion on how Trump’s presidency will impact potentially impact your medicare coverage…

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5 Flags To Watch Out For When Choosing Your Medicare Insurance Agent

In today’s episode, Susan wants to know what to watch out for when choosing a medicare agent or broker.

Watch to learn the 5 flags to watch out for…

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