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Meet Tripp Jordan

Medicare Advocate & Independent Advisor For Women

Independent Medicare AdvisorQuoted as an industry expert in some the world’s top publication affiliates including CBS News, Fox, NBC, and  ABC, Tripp Jordan is a nationally recognized Independent Medicare Advisor and is known as one of the top medicare agents to women around the country for his role in championing to protect them and teaching them their healthcare rights and privileges, and how to have them paid for.

After losing both of his parents to cancer many years ago, he set out on a mission to help the people of their same generation understand their options, eliminating all risks regarding their healthcare and providing them the financial peace of mind in their golden years that everyone is seeking after.


Author & Contributor

bookimage-copyFounder of, Tripp is coined as “THE Advocate For The Women’s Medicare Insurance Rights” and considered one of the thought leaders for women’s needs in the medicare world. He is currently authoring a book entitled “Medicare Wisdom For The Mature Woman”, which based on it’s position, has the potential of hitting best-seller status upon release. A contributor to the Huffington Post, and featured in Yahoo Finance, he continues to share his message by helping consumers feel safer by teaching them how to secure their healthcare where it is shielded from hidden fees and extra costs…providing more freedom and flexibility to live the lifestyle they desire.


Online Talk Show & Publication

Creator of “Medicare For Her TV”, Tripp and his wife Wendy host a weekly online show that produces lively discussions of solutions to common medicare issues that retired women nationwide face.

Together they also publish a corresponding monthly newsletter “Medicare Monthly Digest”, wherein they examine industry statistics, announcements, and changes, including bold predictions and insightful commentary, as well as ageless wisdom shared by viewers. Things their clients and patrons say they truly appreciate and look forward to receiving.


Live Seminars & Workshops

Known for his energy and simplistic style, Tripp lectures regularly on the topic of Medicare Supplements around the state.

He also hosts educational workshops online entitled “What Women Need To Know About Medicare”, explaining complex Medicare concepts using interesting stories and memorable analogies that will tie all of the loose ends together for you. 

Weaving his heart-wrenching life story in, by the end you will have laughed and possibly cried; a refreshing and welcomed teaching style that will most importantly have you walking away more savvy, knowledgable and well informed (register to attend by CLICKING HERE).

Note: Because his level of service is so highly customized and in demand, he makes attending one of his workshops a requirement before you’re able to schedule a one-on-one appointment with him, ensuring you’re up to speed so that a productive and beneficial conversation about your situation can be had. 


What Sets Him Apart

Tripp firmly believes that this ONE decision of which medicare plan to select is critical to living the retirement lifestyle you have your heart set on, and can, unfortunately, have major implications and unfavorable consequences if you make the wrong choice. 

Because of this, he takes the time to reveal insider information that a lot of agents fail to disclose. This extra “hand-holding” will without question empower you to determine the smartest choice possible when evaluating your numerous enrollment options. 

By harnessing the power of media to attract build his clientele via his workshops, training videos, and various publications, he’s been able to provide a nice change from those accustomed to being chased down by greedy salesmen looking for a quick sale.


Protecting Your Rights 

Known for offering sound advice, Tripp loves to challenge other medicare agents that are constraining people to limiting, costly plans. In most cases this is because they’re not properly explaining the ramifications and only telling “half-truths” for their personal benefit. 

“Beware of anyone that shows they have zero interest in servicing you as a client or building a relationship after they’ve “gotten you to sign”. They are referred to in our profession as the “rogue agents” and I will teach you the red flags to watch out for”, Tripp says.


Learning Your Options

Not being captive to any one company, Tripp is able to give you an fair, objective and unbiased perspective so that you get a complete understanding of the big picture from a “birds eye view”. Independently partnered with numerous companies, he’s able to run an astute analysis and show you options you may not even be aware are available to you.    

By teaching consumers to leverage the power of key, eye-opening information normally known by those inside the industry, he most often can help them generate savings that make a substantial difference in their monthly budget, which is particularly gratifying for the clients of his that live on a fixed income. 

A proud member of the “American Association For Medicare Supplement Insurance” and officially licensed by the Commissioner and State Department of Insurance for many years, he stays abreast of new laws and changes that may concern you (State License #10469003)

Due to his growing number of referrals from clients that span the country, he’s also licensed in multiple states nationwide, and can help advise you even if you’re not local to his office North Carolina.


His Mission & Values

This, coupled with his unwavering beliefs, traditional values, and outspoken faith, has garnered him alot of trust and confidence from the retired community. When asked about this, Tripp simply says:

“I decided a long time ago to conduct my business the way I strive to live my life…be a man of my word, treat others the way I want to be treated, live with integrity and always seek to honor and show respect to the generations before me. By putting my focus on these things, my business has taken care of itself.”


Clients Speak Out

“The ability to trust that who I’m sending my friends and family to will take good care of them means so much to me. Tripp not only has the knowledge to inform them, but a heart that cares about them”

– Long time client Josie Baker

Read more HERE


What To Expect

To cater to the active and full lifestyles of most of his clients, Tripp uses a simple video and screen-sharing platform for efficient one-on-one appointments, thus eliminating the fear of having to have a  stranger come into your home like times past.

Clients say that having the ability to have their appointment through their computer screen takes the pressure off of them …where they still are able to see everything visually, in black and white, but have a safer and much more comfortable experience.

(Note: You will be able to see Tripp on your screen, but do not worry, he will not be able to see you…only hear you).


His Life-Calling

Tripp is fully persuaded that this is his life-calling, and wakes up every single day with excitement and expectation. It’s important to him to be able to lay his head on his pillow at night knowing he’s done his part to serve others that day by improving the quality of life for them by advising and guiding them onto a wiser path for their budget and coverage. 

Something he’s sure would make his parents proud and is, in his words, a way for him to “continue their legacy and carry on the family name they worked so hard to establish”.


Family Life

christmas-cardIn his spare time he and his wife of ten years Wendy, the reigning “Mrs. North Carolina” 2017, work to support and bring awareness to the “Twilight Wish Foundation”, which enhances the quality of life for the vulnerable, low-income elderly, restoring their dignity and bringing them hope through a wish program.

They are also a part of their church’s platform and hospitality team.

When they’re not working or busy with their charity work, you can most likely find them enjoying family time with their 22 year old son Robbie, 20 year old daughter Carrie, and 10 year old Dachshund named Dexter.


What To Do Next

If you’d like to learn about how Tripp can evaluate your situation and give you his recommendation of which Medicare Insurance Plan will give you the most protection and will be the most favorable based on your particular circumstances, then you can enroll in his upcoming online workshop at the top of this page, or call his office directly at 1-800-275-2350.

Once you have qualified yourself by attending one of his educational workshops, you will then be given access to his calendar and will be able to schedule an appointment to meet with him directly (either by phone, video conferencing, or in person at his office), as openings become available.

Please keep in mind, due to his considerable credentials, accomplishments, and routine speaking engagements, Tripp is highly sought after and only agrees to work with those who understand the gravity of their decision of selecting which path to take to supplement your Medicare, and are willing to take the time to educate themselves accordingly.