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“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Meet Tripp

Quoted as an industry expert in some the world’s top publication affiliates including CBS News, Fox, NBC, and  ABC, Tripp Jordan is a nationally recognized Independent Medicare Advisor and is known as the top medicare agent to women around the country for his role in championing to protect them and teaching them their healthcare rights and privileges, and how to have them paid for.

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In The News

Tripp’s news article entitled “Trump’s Plans To Solve The Looming Medicare Crisis” was featured in over 30 of the following news outlets:

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Medicare For Her TV

Creator of “Medicare For Her TV”, Tripp and his wife Wendy host a weekly online show that produces lively discussions of solutions to common healthcare issues that retired women nationwide face.

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Featured Episodes

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5 Flags To Watch Out For When Choosing Your Medicare Insurance Agent

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In today's episode, Susan wants to know what to watch out for when choosing a medicare agent or broker.

Watch to learn the 5 flags to watch out for...

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Should I Choose A Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement?

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

My Story

I was lost. On December 6, 2005, the man I looked up to my whole life had just taken his last breath. He was 72. Sitting in that hospital room, a 35 year old heart-broken man, I felt sick to my stomach.

I started having flashbacks of going through the exact same experience years prior, when my mom lost her battle wit the exact same disease that had just stolen my dad from me moments ago. Lung cancer.

I was angry. I was hurt.

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Serving The Community

Most recently, we had the pleasure of supporting our community and those who served our country at the local Veterans Day Parade. Click here to see more pictures…

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“Every great business is built on friendship.”

– James Cash “JC” Penney

Clients Speak Out

“I decided a long time ago to conduct my business the way I strive to live my life…be a man of my word, treat others the way I want to be treated, live with integrity and always seek to honor and show respect to the generations before me. By putting my focus on these things, my business has taken care of itself.”

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